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BIG THANK YOU to ALL Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead’s Covid-19 Volunteers

The world is turning upside down… the south is becoming more northern by the day in these unprecedented times 😉

Over 20 groups have made themselves known to me and I estimate over 2,000 volunteers in the Windsor, Wraysbury, Ascot, Bray area… and there will be thousands more, not registered, simply helping neighbours. That doesn’t include Maidenhead… just imagine the numbers… thank you all…

It really lifts the spirits and brings strength to the community, knowing there is a friendly hand willing to help.


Many great stories but this has to be my favourite so far…

‘To: Datchet Corona Volunteers

This evening I was able to serve fresh soft-boiled egg and warm buttered brioche rolls, to my 94 year old mother, followed by Bramley apple pie and custard. Fare which triggered happy childhood memories for her and some laughs.

This was made possible by the kindness and effort of your organisation.

My thanks to you and in particular to a lady who voluntarily delivered half a dozen freshly laid hen’s eggs to our door, when she’d learnt that my volunteer had been unable to find any in the two supermarkets she had visited this afternoon. Double thanks to her for going the extra mile or five on our behalf today.’

My nanna’s apple pie was always a favourite, custard or ice cream (or both) was the decision, usually weather dependent 😉

I’d estimate that at least 20% of customers through my till have been buying for at least 1 other… helping others feel safe, while feeling good in themselves, very positive for all.

st john

Just yesterday an old mate of mine was shopping for an elderly chap who lives out in the sticks. St.John is ex army, ex police and is ready, willing and able to go that extra mile (on his pushbike) to collect a few items for those not able to help themselves. He’s got an official pass to be cycling around helping folk…

I’m joining him up with the guys over Bray as Lee has residents in hard to reach places in need of support… a match made in heaven.

Happy Easter

Thank you


Thank You Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

Apple Pie Photo by Gary Moreton-jones on Unsplash

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