Windsor Foodshare – Volunteer and Make Your Front Garden / Driveway a Collection Point

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it and none of us know how long this economic melt down is going to last but its impact is not going to stop being increasingly felt locally for months.

In the last 4 weeks Windsor Foodshare has seen the needs of local residents requiring help with feeding their families increase by 300%, crazy numbers!

Windsor Foodshare is generally a short term solution, providing food for families for up to six weeks while they find their feet again… but the whole game has changed… this is no longer about one or two bread winners loosing their jobs each week and being in need of help… this is tens of families every day needing help and the forecast for future demand is off the scale… hundreds of families will be needing help before this is over!

foodshare banner

Cllr Helen Price has been championing Foodshare since long before she became a Councillor and she has been exploring all possible avenues to find support as Covid-19 destroys the local economy… sharing her appeals on social media…

She started by approaching local retailers to see what they could provide and then reached out to Heathrow as it became apparent that they might have more food than they’d need… then the supply chains for airlines, all avenues to see if anyone was able and willing to help. Organisations are stepping up and doing what they can but they also have many other towns calling on them for help as their own resource bases start to feel the impact of Covid-19.

foodshare baskets collection

Because Helen regularly shares on social media about the work she is doing locally, she has naturally built a following who are waiting for the next installment and are ready and willing to offer support as required… one resident asked if she could help by putting a food box on her driveway and this great idea has been picked up by the community and grown to over 40 residents happy to do the same… you can see the map below, click and you will see the latest collection points…

windsor food share

If you need help yourself then the best people to contact are those at the RBWM Community Hub who will then point you in the right direction for the right support for you and your family.


helenpriceIf you want to help by adding a collection point on your driveway then contact Cllr Helen Price and she will join the dots.

Mobile: 07752 847796

Here is a recent interview Helen did with BBC Radio Berkshire about how the latest Foodshare idea has taken off and she also underlines the real problems there are in Windsor… have a listen…

Thank you.


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