Please Dedworth, do what the kids ask of you… #StaySafeStayAtHome

Today I went for a walk around the ward and the one thing that shone out was the number of cars driving around… there were too many! #StaySafeStayAtHome

shakil postman

This was confirmed by Shakil, posty in photo, he agreed, he’d seen too many cars on the road and appealed for people to #StaySafeStayAtHome

poo bins sutherland grange

Sid and I started down Sutherland Grange, I asked @RBWMSupport and @Donna_Stimson if we will be closing the dog poo bins… that’s not going to happen, so please use a poo bag over your hand to open these bins.

tree racecourse river

Then I spotted a tree fallen across the river and tweeted to @RBWMSupport @WindsorRaces to advise them, over to the racecourse to sort this out.

sutherland grange smiths lane

Don’t usually exit via Smith’s Lane exit and was a little taken aback by the big hole where I’m sure there was fencing? Anyway, reported to Parks and theyll have someone take a look tomorrow.

Seemed like too many cars and vans on Maidenhead Road… #StaySafeStayAtHome

dedworth green rainbow

Walked up Smith’s Lane, thank you Dedworth School for your banners, looks fab and most inspiring for people walking past, well done 😉 #StaySafeStayAtHome

smiths lane tree

This tree seems to be lacking water. Many new trees are planted but how are we looking after them? Have asked the tree officer how we help the trees get established.

all saints roundabout

Seemed like too many cars and vans on Dedworth Road, at least 10 in the time it took me to cross over… #StaySafeStayAtHome


It was hopscotch in my day, I guess there are many variations today for the kids to enjoy…

rbwm paving wolf lane

After meeting Shakil, I bumped into an RBWM crew fixing the curb stones on Wolf Lane… lots of space to get this sort of task done at the moment.

bad parking

People are still parking too tight on pavements, especially near lampposts preventing a double buggy getting through safely… please, don’t park like Dick, park considerately 😉


Thank you.


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