How to get more people to click…

When I first started out as a Councillor it seemed logical to create a separate profile for my new role and I found out rapidly that was a mistake…

There are rules that apply to Councillors that don’t apply to residents and I learned the hard way that there are those that will take advantage and try & get you into bother… they failed as they are obviously less gifted and talented than myself 😉

So for the last, almost 1 year, I’ve had two profiles… my personal where I try not to connect to residents and my councillor profile where I have been happy to connect to residents but managing both can prove very awkward and so I have made the decision to create a Cllr Page off my Personal profile where I can share councillor type stuff way more easily… and it would seem the page comes with a bunch of added benefits I can explore during lock down.

Logic says to message all those that have connected to me via my Councillor profile and then remove it.

I’m also conscious that I am sharing content widely, across a number of groups and it is probably time to minimise this activity and reduce the amount of sharing I do…

So if you are a resident of Clewer & Dedworth West and want to know what I am getting up to then please follow my Cllr Page below…

Thank you.


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