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Windsor & Eton Rotary Club have agreed to purchase a 3D Printer for Windsor Boys School

Phil Hall Head of Product Design Windsor Boys School

Windsor & Eton Rotary Club have agreed to purchase a 3D Printer for Windsor Boys School based on the educational benefits of this equipment in the longer term and the hopefully much shorter term benefit of it producing masks for the NHS.

Windsor Boys School already has a few printers going full time producing masks for the NHS under the stewardship of Phil Hall, teacher at the school… Windsor & Eton Rotary Club just made that +1 😉

Make your donation via Windsor Boys School Crowdfunding page here >>>

James Manwaring and I had talked about perhaps doing something for the disadvantaged children in the music department at Christmas and we’d not got round to working out any details when Covid-19 hit our world.

I went to contact James via Facebook and noticed he had put out a post about the above Crowdfunding appeal and thought, that looks like the perfect project for our Youth Committee to get involved with at this time.

3D Printers Windsor Boys School

I rang the Youth Committee members yesterday morning and a majority supported the initiative so I messaged James via Messenger to ask a couple of questions… he didn’t respond in 16 seconds so I reached out to Alastair Sharpe via LinkedIn and he answered the questions and connected me to Phil Hall by good old fashioned email.

Great, project found that helps local students and the NHS in their time of need, Rotary Youth Committee contacted a.m., commitment made p.m., video shot within 24 hours and all it needs now is our treasurer to pay the money over… that might take a little longer by cheque but it will happen!

3D Printer at work

Our sister club, Windsor St George is also going to discuss this project and hopefully will be able to find some money for the 3D material that is used to produce the masks.

Rotary in action, helping locally in the Windsor town’s time of need, helped by social media channels providing the information and connectivity to get things moving.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Youth Committee Chairman
Windsor & Eton Rotary Club

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