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ALDI Application – Windsor Garden Centre – Last day for comments…

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If you want to make an official comment on the application then you need to do it TODAY…

Posting on FB is all well and good but it doesn’t carry any weight. In my experience you also need to come up with things that others haven’t said to support your comment as if 10 people say the same thing, technically it doesn’t count as 10, I’m led to believe it’s just 1 in the planning process.

Click here and search: 20/01145/FULL

Personally, I will be reading all the comments before the panel meeting and I will have my say as a local ward Councillor based on what I read and my own sense of fair play as applicable to the planning rules and regulations.

Thank you.


2 responses to “ALDI Application – Windsor Garden Centre – Last day for comments…”

  1. Mrs Annie Horton Avatar
    Mrs Annie Horton

    I think we would be much better off to keep the garden centre here as there is not another one close by for people who don’t drive. We would lose the cafe with Ali. We have Tesco close by. Aldi would cause a lot of traffic problems as it is situated on such a narrow stretch of road

  2. Susan Jefferies Avatar
    Susan Jefferies

    Would love to keep the garden center as great way to meet family and friends have a coffee and let the children play and only one selling plants ect near to hand and you can get your car washed at the same time will be a shame if it closes

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