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Addressing FALSE accusation by Tory Councillor

Cllr Chris Targowski

It has been suggested that I make a comment on Councillor Chris Targowski accusation that I had written a blog that claimed 5G is causing or accelerating Covid-19.

THIS IS FALSE… here is what he claimed…

…he (Cllr Davey) mentioned concerns about potential health risks that the new 5G frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum may bring.

On 29th February this year Cllr.Davey you wrote on your Councillor blog an article stating that 5G is causing or accelerating Covid-19 and used a YouTube video to support this…

Personally I was going to just let the council legal process do its thing as I have taken this and other accusations from the panel meeting, seen live by other members and residents on Zoom & Youtube and pushed via Twitter after, up through the appropriate channels. But being new it makes sense to follow advise given by those way more experienced at these things.

The constitution says, “Bullying conduct can involve behaving in an abusive or threatening way, or making allegations about people in public, in the company of their colleagues, through the press or in blogs.”

What I did, at the end of February, was ask for my personal blog readers’ thoughts on a video that made the connection. It was posted for an hour or two and then removed when I reflected on how the Tories might look to take advantage of such a post. That was 5 months ago. Why did he not make these charges back then if so concerned?

5g covid-19

To be very clear, I did not write a blog claiming a direct connection between 5G and Covid-19 and I do not believe this to be the case.

The blue text above linked to a blog post about a meeting I had with O2 in Aug 2019, read it here…

I do believe the RBWM should be looking to investigate how 5G might adversely impact the health of residents which was the purpose of my item and I had prepared well, you can read what I would have said here…

We attracted a full house on the night of the meeting, very unusual…

A couple of days after the meeting the Government announced changes in the law to give Telcos more autonomy to speed them on their way to 5G deployment…

New law changes to bring better connectivity to the UK

There was agreement by the panel to bring the discussion to the next meeting in September… I hope you will join us to watch and hear how that rolls out under a new chair!

If you are a resident of RBWM and are concerned about 5G or would simply like to see democracy in action then please email your Councillor sharing your concerns.

all the RBWM councillors

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey
Clewer and Dedworth West
Vice Chair of Infrastructure Overview & Scrutiny Panel

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