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Thank you for your support…

joe jon tracey silver badge

I know Joe and the team at Tesco Windsor would like to thank Windsor residents for all their support over the last six months…

We were all very nervous in the early days, customers and colleagues, but with systems in place and customers following some simple rules, most customers seem happy with the retail experience today.

Feel free to share your feelings at it takes around 10 mins, so fix a brew before you start and grab a receipt from your bag. Store number is 3404.

Yesterday Tracey, the checkout senior manager, amongst other hats, came over to me with a Tesco Silver Service Superstar badge which felt really good. Thank you to all the customers who have shared their views online, we all appreciate you taking the time.

The video paints the picture but for those in a hurry… I started at Tesco on 20th March as the world changed and I am really enjoying it so much, and they offered, that I start a perm contract as of next week.

tesco silver badgeI’m on the checkouts and I spent the first month or so getting used to the job and trying to keep up with those much younger colleagues! Then I noticed the WOW cards on the till and asked what they were about. I like a competition so I started asking for WOWs, my years in sales coming into play…

A month later I got a Bronze badge for my efforts and appreciate the recognition and asked about the Silver badge… that’s about consistency in performance, so I refined my WOW approach and yesterday, after say 4 months of consistent WOWing, I got my Silver badge 😉

jon davey silver badgeSo I’d now like to thank all those that gave me a WOW and ask them to spread the WOW factor across the store… get the names of those who have helped them on the shop floor and give them a mention.

The WOW cycle is 4 weekly and so if customers, pleased with Tesco’s service could complete the form monthly giving us top marks, as lesser scores don’t count in the bigger scheme of things. This is how Tesco compares its stores against each other and we’d like to move up the league tables please with your help. If you could mention different members of staff each time then that spreads the love.

Thank you.


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