Pressure from Independent Councillor Forces Waste Contract Review

At last night’s Communities Overview & Scrutiny Panel Meeting a review of the current SERCO contract was called for by Cllr Bhangra which had been driven by Cllr Price.

Earlier in the day Cllr Price had written to the chair Cllr Bowden and I believe copying in Cllr Bhangra raising serious questions about the current waste contract and at last night’s meeting this happened…

Good to hear Ben Smith and his officer team are on it and encouraging the relevant improvements.

Thank you.

One thought on “Pressure from Independent Councillor Forces Waste Contract Review

  1. Thank you councillors for getting onto the waste collections fiasco. I am surprised that Serco were not prepared for the changeover Surely this was made clear in the contract and have to ask why this was not
    thoroughly checked before setting the contract. Was there not a penalty clause put in place for missed collections?
    Now Serco is playing catchup. I hope that RBWM are not paying for this!


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