Windsor Town Forum Monday, 12th October, 2020 6.15 pm

An Extraordinary Meeting of Windsor Town Forum has been called for next Monday…

I asked the Chair for permission for Windsor residents to be part of the conversation on Zoom.

This first stage consultation asks members of the public, community groups, businesses etc to put forward their views on whether a town council would be appropriate.

The discussion at the Forum meeting will focus on the process of the consultation and highlight the four questions that the council is seeking views on:

· What is the appetite for creating a new town council for Windsor? Is a parish council needed or desired?

· Is there a sense of community identity in the review area and should this community be represented by its own parish council?

· How could a new parish council take shape?

· Should a new parish council be warded to reflect the communities that exist in the review area? If so, how should these boundaries be drawn?

Those wishing to speak can contact the clerk in advance of the meeting (by Sunday evening) and they will be provided with details of how to access the meeting.

Contact Shilpa Manek: 01628 796310 Email: and she will arrange for you to have access.

If you just wish to view proceedings then click below:

At the meeting officers will not be able to answer detailed questions on issues such as the potential number of parish councillors, the costs/financing, the powers beyond the basic powers of a parish council. These would all be issues for the second stage of the consultation, at which time it may well be appropriate for another Town Forum meeting on the issue.

Here is last week’s proposed Town Council meeting where things are explained… what the council will do and advises on how to respond to the consultation, closes 28th October, you can also read the guidance here.

See you there…

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Windsor Town Forum Monday, 12th October, 2020 6.15 pm

  1. Hi,
    I live in Dedworth- and would be really interested to attend the town forum meeting in regards to the proposed town council for Windsor. Although permission has not yet been granted for public attendance via Zoom, I really hope it is; because this is a debate that I (and possibly others) would be interested to listen to. This would help me come to a decision in regards if (and the ways in which) the proposed town council could help our community.


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