Sometimes you just need to STOP and have a brew…

Especially now with all the pressures of this strange new world we find ourselves in!

Changing routines can be difficult for most people but for those who really need a steady rudder it can cause huge stresses and strains.

david willis sleeping out

My mate David Willis started changing hats 10 years ago… moving from being a data analyst to teaching bushcraft and skills for living in the woods!

Who knows what business problems might be solved with a nice fireside chat? One recent conversation was with a senior officer of a billion dollar organisation… what value may have been inadvertently added?

How would your family like to sleep out under the stars? One family’s sleep out had the kids and dad in the dens they made themselves and mum chose to sleep in a hammock between the trees 😉

david willis woodcraft

Sid and I joined David for a nice brew in his private woodland retreat where guests can pop in for a few hours or stay the night. Some families have been 2 or 3 times, learning new skills.

It was great to take some time out to catch up and enjoy a brew in the woods…

kettle boiling

If you and your family could do with a break or your business team could benefit from a brainstorm in a different environment, max David + 4 at this time, then check David’s social channels and connect in your preferred way…

Phone: 07956 650 404


Thank you.


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