District Environmental Crime Officers are NOT WELCOME at Tesco Dedworth

Yesterday I wrote to officers after one of the District Environmental Crime Officers (DECOs), as they choose to call themselves, wrote a ticket in Tesco car park. This is private land and they are not authorised to do so. If you find one jumping out of his car and challenging you when a tissue falls from your pocket as you go for your car keys then tell him to speak to the store’s duty manager.

Joe, Store Manager at Tesco Dedworth asked very politely for RBWM DECOs to stand down, thank you but we don’t need outside help. I

We have a team of happy workers, always willing to go that extra mile to help our customers 😉

I also advised officers in my email that I do not wish to have this type of enforcement behaviour on my ward.

No-one wants litter being dropped but a warning approach needs to be the way forward. Not paying some outside contractor… sorry, allowing an outsourced mercenary organisation to come and write out fines for £100 for dropping a piece of litter and keeping all the money for themselves.

See DECO info on RBWM website >>>

If residents were warned and then fined say £20 then I could get that but this way of doing things is not in keeping with a positive community atmosphere.

One of these DECOs was down at Pirate Park, sat in his car having been advised that there are “easy pickings” to be had. He jumped out and fined the council worker emptying the litter bins… you can’t make this stuff up!

They are also supposed to be monitoring dog fouling as well but you can’t do that sat in your car but you can run for the hills when you need to!

Apparently the wardens, when first invented, had this remit and all the bins were removed… that didn’t last long.

Thank you.


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