Thank you to a local resident for getting the new fence sorted pronto

Local Councillors can only do so much under their own steam, we need the help of residents to get things done.

Yesterday afternoon I got a messenger note from Jean Todd to say she was worried about her daughter’s dog as a number of dogs had been stung at Sutherland Grange.

Wisdom and Jason had sorted out notices and small “human” fence around a wasps nest but dogs can’t read 😉

I immediately phoned Jason and he got Simon on the case to bring some of that orange builders fencing to prevent those dogs that love a good sniff, getting their noses too close to the wasps nest and getting stung.

Nature will see the wasps die out as the temperature drops but you can’t go spraying toxic stuff on nature reserves or it could kill other things like the orchids.

Do let us know when you see or hear about something you think we could help with.

all the RBWM councillors

Thank you Jean.


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