Bristol Uni Innovation – ‘Strutwise’ Survey

My son and his tutor group are studying Innovation at Bristol Uni and his group have been tasked with gaining UN Women UK more active participants for their ‘Safe Spaces Now’ program… I hope you can assist them by spending a few minutes completing their survey… thank you for your help 😉

Bristol Uni Innovation – ‘Strutwise’ Survey

As part of our degree, my group has been tasked with gaining UN Women UK more active participants for their ‘Safe Spaces Now’ program. An active participant is anyone who does actions to support their program. One of the programs plans is to “Build a complete data picture of safety in women’s lives”; our idea is to create an app which would instantly and easily allow for the user to log when and where they’ve experienced harassment. These logs would then be used to highlight problem areas and recommend users safer walking routes. The app will also offer a social media functionality allowing users to subscribe to a feed of relevant news, promotions, community projects and a social tab to message friends.

The results from this anonymous survey may be used to help us pitch our idea to UN Women UK and to support our idea in our reflective essay.

The survey is composed of 3 sections, the first is to determine your demographic which will help us understand who might be interested in the app, the second relates to any experience you may have had of harassment outside your home (either physically, emotionally or verbally) and finally we are interested to hear what you think about this app and any suggestions you may have to improve it.

FYI none of the answers are compulsory. If none of them are applicable to you or make you feel uncomfortable answering then please just leave it blank.

Thank you for your help.

Complete the survey >>>

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