Castle Hill Windsor Public Space Transformation Consultation Closes 10 January 2021

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is proposing changes to Castle Hill and St Albans St to expand the pedestrian space, making the area more pleasant and safer for visitors during the busiest times of the day. The expectation is that this will support local businesses by encouraging visitors to spend more time in the town centre, as well as enhancing the look and feel of the area to improve the overall visitor experience.

windsor public space have your say

Visit the consultation website and have your say >>>

Register for the virtual engagement event on 15 December 2020. An open forum to discuss thoughts and ask questions regarding the proposals with the project team.

castle hill redevelopment

Download and print the plan >>>

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Castle Hill Windsor Public Space Transformation Consultation Closes 10 January 2021

  1. Completely unnecessary and an abhorrent waste of money at a time when our council are suppose to making efficiencies due to a budget deficit from previous years!!!

    I am sure the money that this would cost will be better utilised elsewhere in public services.


  2. Is it really necessary to spend money in this way just at the moment, there are so many other suggestions it could used on to benefit local residents! I understand that the 850k is not in the piggy bank, it would have to be borrowed!


  3. having been born in Windsor in 1951 and still having regular contact with Windsor as I still have my former parental home which we rent out to excellent tenants. I still live not far from Windsor, just 38 miles away. What a complete and utter waste of monies!. I can understand the ‘sensitive repairs’ being needed to the historic paving as this would act a a prevention of any accidents. but the other items are NOT required. the Queen Victoria Statue has been located there and in its existing existence without the requirement for any improvements for many, many years – so why consider something now?, The ‘improved pedestrian crossings’ are not needed as there is an adequate ‘pedestrian crossing with traffic lights located in an ideal position and also there are plenty of police presence within the area. it is not an accident spot. the existing ‘bus and coach stops’ in the high Street are perfectly adequate and safe for what is needed.
    Councils need to look at the proper ways of saving monies rather than all of this which is pure extravagance and a waste of a great deal of monies.


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