Help Me, Help You with FREE Parking this XMAS

At the next Full Council meeting on 15th December I will be bringing the following motion…

This council agrees to provide FREE Parking for residents every day, with immediate effect, for a 3 hour period between 10am and 1pm in all RBWM Car Parks within walking distance of retail centres until the end of December 2020.

There are 41 Councillors, 19 are Independent / LibDem and 22 are Conservative … which means if 21 vote FOR the motion then the council has to pull out all the stops to make it happen 😉

parking xmas petition

Brian, owner of Snappy Snaps’ petition achieved 1,647 signatures in under 2 weeks and this gives him the ability to present his case to senior officers and lead Councillors in the hope they might agree to extend the current meager offer of FREE Parking on a Sunday and after 3pm on Wednesday for residents.

If they can’t budge for whatever reasons, this motion will attempt to appeal to their better nature and every Councillor will be accountable to their residents and retailers through a named vote, showing how they truly feel about helping local businesses.

The alternative is empty car parks and empty shops this Christmas which could lead to closed shops this time next year! This photo was taken at 12:30PM last Saturday… it’s a sad state of affairs.

victoria car park xmas petition

Please take 5 minutes to lobby your local Councillor and tell them how FREE Parking in RBWM could help you and yours make the most of Christmas this year by supporting local retailers.

Thank you.

Your local Councillor’s contact details are here >>>

all the RBWM councillors

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Help Me, Help You with FREE Parking this XMAS

    1. It is… should have been sorted by now but they have chosen not to… Brian’s petition got a small concession for Sunday and Wed from 3pm but that isn’t enough… this is the next action I can take and while some will buy gifts well in advance, I suspect most of us are last minute dot com and so FREE Parking from the 16th will be very helpful to retailers.


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