Low Traffic Neighbourhood Consultation achieved an amazing 2221 responses! Thank you.

Thank you to everyone of the 2221 of you who took the time to complete the Low Traffic Neighbourhood consultation for Clewer & Dedworth… we should hear the results by the end of next week.

Thank you to all local Councillors for playing their part. An excellent team effort by Cllr Davies, Cllr Price, Cllr Tisi and myself.

Thank you to all the residents who put energy into spreading the word and especially Susy Shearer and her network for springing into action.

Thank you to the lead member for being supportive of the consultation poster campaign.

And a special THANK YOU to lead officers for being responsive when we made them aware of residents’ feelings towards the rushed nature of the consultation. Their support for the poster campaign and their initiative in launching public open meetings and putting themselves into the lions’ den!

consultation posters ripped 2

Residents were enraged to hear the details of the consultation, rightly so, but so were Cllrs when we heard about it, which essentially was at the same time as residents. There had been some discussion around a small trial in Clewer East but not on this scale and local Cllrs were quick to rally round, discuss the situation and look to make as many residents aware of its existence as quickly as possible.

We were limited by COVID and so did the best job we could in the time available with an amazing number of responses in such a short time frame.

I have been around and removed all the posters that survived the storms and destructive individuals who would have rather residents didn’t know about the consultation!

recycling single use plastics consultation 2

The materials have been processed and thank you to Cllr Davies for organising reusable cable ties. I also took time to remove other materials from the lamp posts as I went round my ward and believe other Cllrs will be taking similar action on their clean up operations.

Thank you again and I look forward to some positive news in the not too distant future.

To residents looking to blame someone for this idea, similar schemes have been implemented in other parts of the country with limited success. You need to take a look at the World Economic Forum as they look to reset the planet with a strong emphasis on the green agenda.


Thank you.


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