How have the Community Wardens helped you or residents you know?

The Community Wardens do a fantastic job, helping residents across the Royal Borough and I am keen to celebrate their work by asking residents how the Community Wardens have helped you or people you know directly or indirectly?

As I see it, the Community Wardens offer an invaluable range of services for residents, such as:

  • Dealing with neighbour disputes
  • Helping residents assess their entitlement to services
  • Taking food & prescriptions to residents struggling with COVID
  • Working with residents to help improve the local area
  • Keeping an eye on known community trouble hot spots
  • Liaising with other RBWM services and the Police
  • Ensuring children’s safety around schools, such as talking to car drivers
  • Watching out for rough sleepers and sign posting them to a warm bed
  • Keeping an intelligence eye on drug dealers
  • On standby for potential flooding
  • And they’ve probably got the odd cat out of a tree 😉

Please share your stories of how the RBWM Community Wardens have helped you ore people you know?

Thank you.


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