Let’s Celebrate the Positives as the World begins to Open Up

We’ve just had a year from hell and hopefully, Indian variant permitting, we can start getting back to “normal”.

Can I kindly request a more positive normal… 

I had an early morning call (8:08am) from a resident pointing out that the grass down at Sutherland Grange had not been cut for 2 months and the wet grass could be a hazard to old people wearing normal shoes!

Let’s celebrate the positives…

The gateway to Sutherland Grange is now protected to prevent incursions…

There are no longer piles of unrecyclable recycling piled high…

More wood chippings have been delivered to improve the pathway…

I have also requested the Pelican Crossing is reset to minimise the delay…

The grass will get cut but there are a number of issues with the contractor being resolved by officers… on a positive note, we just need some burdock 😉

Sorry but you need to take responsibility for what you wear when you leave the house to walk the dog!

Pizza Express Windsor dinner is served

Let’s hope these May showers bring a glorious summer and we can enjoy eating out again and not feel nervous that the person next to us might cough!

We cannot live in fear and we make that choice too.

Thank you.


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