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Ruddlesway 5G Mast REFUSED

I have just had an email from the officer overseeing the Ruddlesway application and I am glad to announce that it has been refused because 50+ residents, residents associations, Parish Councils and other influential bodies stood up and made their feelings known through the official channels.

Special thanks to Windsor Neighbourhood Plan for designating the area “Local Green Space” and to the highways and tree officers for sharing their concerns, adding weight to residents objections.

Excellent work everyone.

15 June 2021

Dear Mr Davey

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)
Appn. Date: 22 April 2021 Appn. No.: 21/01269
Type: Telecom Dev Determination 56 days

Proposal: Application for determination as to whether the prior approval is required for the proposed
18m Phase 8 Monopole C/W wrapround Cabinet at base and associated ancillary works.

Location: Verge Opposite Windsor Gospel Hall Ruddlesway Windsor

Parish/Ward: Windsor Unparished/Clewer And Dedworth West

You will recall that you made representations on the above application.

I am now writing to thank you for your comments and to let you know that they were taken into account by the Council when considering this application.

The Council also took into account all other relevant factors, including the policies in the Development Plan, and in this case the proposed development was considered unacceptable. The application was therefore refused on 15 June 2021 for the following reasons:

1 The proposal, by virtue of its siting, height and design would appear unduly prominent and
obtrusive in the streetscene and would add to the visual clutter and be detrimental of the open
character and appearance of this Local Green Space and the visual amenity of the Laing Estate in
general. In addition it would impinge on visibility for the north and western arms of the roundabout
junction with the B3024 Dedworth Road and Ruddlesway to the detriment of highway and pedestrian
safety and could result in harm to the adjacent semi-mature Ostrya carpinifolia tree situated on the
grass verge.

Thank you.


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  1. Good decision- well done.

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