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Red Wine on Carpets! TOP TIP

This top tip could save you £££’s came through on Facebook.

Red wine spillages are the cause of many carpets ruination.

If you have red wine at home I would suggest you keep 4 bottles of soda water (Tesco Dedworth approx 55p) in a safe place.

If you spill red wine DO NOT SCRUB.

Absorb as much as possible with an old towel, cover and tread. Then pour soda water across the spillage, absorb again. Repeat until gone.

I replied “I’d heard of salt and white wine to remove red but yours sounds cheaper 😉

Salt and white wine do neutralise, but the grittyness of the salt can damage the carpet fibres. Once fibres are damaged (broken) the stain is embedded, which is why you should never scrub.

Thank you.

Teresa Kent

Photo by rikkia hughes on Unsplash

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