WEBREW are Smashing their SEEDRS Target

More great news from Windsor’s business community… 

When Willy said he was setting up a brewery many moons ago I thought, what a fun idea!

Just look at them now, the brewery just keeps on expanding and going from strength to strength… check out Treason at 5.8% 😉 

When The Swan did an appeal for investors a few years ago, I put £100 behind the bar, doubling it for a rainy day.

When I saw mention of a crowdfunding campaign for equity in Windsor & Eton Brewery I thought, I’ll support that local business… anyway, today I got round to it and they have smashed through their initial target of £300k and are well on their way to £600k.

I bought a few shares and SEEDRS gave me this link, offering £25 bonus to me and anyone who signs up to SEEDRS via the link below.


That’ll get you a few shares and then you can invest whatever you feel comfortable with… we can then have a sing song sometime soon in one of our many local pubs 😉

Once signed up, go check out the WeBrew offer and this time next year…


Supporting local business… I’m aware I could lose my investment but with Willy at the helm, I’m comfortable his leadership will bare fruit… although he might need a few singing lessons 😉

Thank you.


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