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The Grass is Sometimes Greener

After more emails this week from residents about the poor state of our grass cutting, even when it is cut, it is not the best! Then today, confirmation that I am not alone with an email from Cllr Coppinger, lead member for all things green…

The contract is up for renewal in 2026 and by then the Windsor Town Council should be in place with 21 new Town Councillors solely focused on the needs of Windsor… and if they are looking for something to master with community support then why not this contract?

Even if RBWM says they need to lead the way and manage the main contract, a strong Town Council could surely push for penalty clauses and sub contracts for elements of the contract.

OK, so you need a big old John Deere to pull the blades on a park or football pitches but for those smaller plots on the corner of our streets that get hacked by contractors, perhaps we could look to local people who take pride in the lawns to join in? The difference in the finished product would be amazing…

There might be 20 local suppliers who want to impress for the guaranteed cash flow and each year prizes are given to the best and annual contracts awarded based on these results.

The details will be for the new town council, should it be voted through next Tuesday evening at Full Council, to decide…


Thank you.


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