Love Windsor Community Newsletter – Get Your Copy TODAY!

Love Windsor Community Newsletter is aimed at those who prefer paper to digital channels and is just 4 pages, so those who are visiting retail outlets can pick up more than one copy and share them with those they know would appreciate the content.

Many older people do not engage with social media channels or the internet. Love Windsor Community Newsletter is for them. Pick them up a copy and drop it round when you are passing.

We are always on the lookout for great community content, so tell those with a story they’d like to share with the wider community to email with 100 words and a picture. 

I Love Windsor has been around since November 2009 and adding a paper version to a portfolio of social channels makes sense at this time.

  • In November 2009 the domain name was registered. 
  • It became a blog in 2012 and last year saw over 40,000 page views. 
  • In 2011 the WindsorDaily Youtube Channel was born, with over 64,000 views to date, the most popular “how to drive a mobility scooter”!
  • In May 2015 a Facebook Group was created and this has just shy of 2,000 members todate.

Social media can be a minefield and many people who dip in, dip out within a short space of time!

Pick up a hard copy of the Love Windsor Community Newsletter at a retail outlet near you… if they haven’t got any copies, ask them to get in touch.

Thank you.


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