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5G Mast at end of Ruddlesway APPROVED!

5G Mast drawing of 3 mast Ruddlesway

Application 21/02145 has been given approval by Adrien Waite, Head of Planning ignoring over 30 valid objections from officers, residents, parish councils, residents associations, WNP and Windsor & Eton society.

The recommendation below makes it abundantly clear why…


  1. This report has been prepared following the applicants issuing a deemed consent to the Council
    following the passing of 56 days since the application was submitted. As it set out in the legislation, with the LPA failing to issue a decision, the works can be undertaken. The LPA are now unable to withhold consent for the works under concerns and objections raised within this report. As such, permission is now granted.

I have ask Adrien why he missed the deadline and will add his response. I have also asked Cllr Coppinger to look into the matter, cc’ing the MD Duncan Sharkey.

Below are the officers recommendations and the approval note for your consideration.

Thank you.


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