Facelift 2022 for Windsor Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

This week Facelift 2022 was launched at the Castle Hotel with the aim of sprucing up Windsor in time for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in June 2022. At the centre of this are members of Windsor & Eton Society, which is currently looking to increase its membership (only £10 a year).

The picture above shows the Facelift 2022 team (l-r) Chris Aitken, Margaret Lenton (Steering Committee Chairman), Alison Logan, Theresa Haggart, Susy Shearer.

A 4 day long weekend is planned for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations starting Thursday 2nd June through to Sunday 5th June with celebrations across the country to mark The Queen’s 70 years on the throne of England.

facelift margaret lenton

Margaret Lenton is leading the way with the Facelift. The colour scheme is purple and white. As well as the town centre, she is encouraging the whole town to join in and for residents and business owners to make an effort, where they can see an opportunity for improvement, to spruce things up and lift the spirits of everyone after such a tough couple of years.

Windsor is planning its own Platinum Jubilee Celebrations with any additional monies raised going to The Prince Philip Trust Fund.

facelift graham barker

Graham Barker is chairing the steering committee for Windsor’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and I took the opportunity to introduce myself in my capacity as Youth Chair of the Rotary Club of Windsor & Eton.

As a club we have raised over £400,000 for The Prince Philip Trust Fund since its inception which Graham informed me, came from an idea of “what to do” with the money left over from the Silver Jubilee celebrations. Since being established as a grant-giving trust in 1977, The Prince Philip Trust Fund has supported over 1600 causes and distributed almost £2 million in grants.  Currently, each year, Windsor community organisations, individuals and charities benefit from £100,000 being shared out by the trustees.

The last couple of years have been very challenging for the whole community but more so, possibly unconsciously for many, for our Youth and this Platinum Jubilee offers us a chance to focus our energies on joyful things and I will be setting the Rotary Club of Windsor & Eton a mammoth challenge, bringing the community together to raise significant funds for The Prince Philip Trust Fund which will ensure those less fortunate are supported, in an appropriate way, into the future.

More as I join the dots.

In the meantime, become a member of the Windsor & Eton Society.

Thank you.


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