HELP Local Businesses as best you can please

I took a walk into town yesterday and on talking to local business owners it was apparent that things are tough and many are hanging on by their fingernails.

Loving Vintage & Retro’s Halloween window display but we don’t want Windsor full of charity shops do we?

Some are thriving but my feeling is most are utilising reserves made in the good times.

Windsor is unique and so if things are tough for Windsor, they are likely to be far worse in other towns.

castle hotel

We all have a responsibility to help local businesses through the tough times and so go and spend time in your favourite cafe or restaurant. You don’t have to take 10 friends and buy the fanciest Champagne, just pop in, buy a coffee & a sandwich. If we all did that twice a week right now then our favourite places will still be in business next summer… if we don’t!

And with parking at King Edward Court the cheapest in town, with a new wider entrance, go have some retail therapy…

While enjoying the marching bands and atmosphere of our great town.

Thank you.


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