Ask Your Council Questions

I quite often see questions raised on social media about local issues and think residents should really ask these questions of their council but for some reason they don’t.

The next Full Council meeting where residents can ask questions is on Tuesday 25th January 2022 at 7pm

For the Council officers the main point of reference that determines the direction of travel for RBWM and therefore where it puts its energy is The Corporate Plan. On page 15 it talks of “A council that is trusted to deliver on its promises” as being one of its main goals.

So one way of approaching this is to encourage / lobby Councillors to make the promises you are looking for them to deliver on.

By asking questions at Full Council you can find out what the council’s position is on a topic and then with this information lobby for reinforcement or change, as you see fit.

If you ask questions on social media then officers are unlikely to respond. Ask a question at Full Council and officers will be tasked to bring the most open and honest answer to the question by the Head of Governance.

It would be great to see more questions by residents about topics that really matter to them. As the main parties start gearing up for the next election in 2023 I fear this democratic element will be used by the administration to share momentous stories by asking their activists to ask the “right” questions!

All very dull… please make it more interesting.

Thank you.


One thought on “Ask Your Council Questions

  1. Why can’t you do something about the state of the footpath on West side of the relief road roundabout, it’s dangerous for the elderly.


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