The Police urge residents to make contact

Last week on Facebook there was a post about some anti-social behaviour where youths were harassing residents for their bikes on Dedworth Road.

I asked Jeff Pick at the Windsor Town Forum on Thursday evening if the police monitor social media in order to respond to any issues and he published the following in his Friday Neighbourhood Alert… 

I attended a meeting last night and was asked if the police monitored all the local / street / community Facebook groups, where people were talking about and reporting crimes in their community.  The answer is no.  No-one, would be happy, if they believed the police were monitoring these groups !

The question was then asked – are we aware of the crime discussions taking place on these sites, within that community ?  The answer is again – no – unless someone in that group, lets us know.

Often our members send me screenshots of entries on this group, not knowing who could assist, so that I can pass them onto the appropriate teams, to get something done.

What would help us and you, is to record the matters on the TVP website as well as local Facebook groups – if we don’t know about a problem, we cannot react and come up with a solution / additional patrols and taskings.

The process is really simple.  We are very happy to accept intelligence and information, as well as crime reports online, at the TVP website:

Please save that link as a favourite.  On the TVP Website front page, are blue links, to report a crime or pass us information.  The process could not be simpler and is exactly the same as phoning the 101 number.  The information online, goes to exactly the same place and given the same importance.

Every day we receive a great deal of information, for which we are really grateful.  They are recorded in ours system as ‘Suspicious Other’, ‘Suspicious Person’ and Suspicious Vehicle’.  Everyone inside the police Station can see them and respond.  When you see reports of a ‘suspicious’ person walking along a road looking into cars with a torch / trying car door handles / Nottingham Knockers in the community, they are from one of these suspicious incident reports, sent to us.

If you part of an online Facebook String, dealing with crime in the local community, please let me know.  I can assist and pass it onto the correct group, to get something done !

Thursday’s newsletter talked off a new service where you can report if you feel unsafe… 

Tell us where you feel unsafe:

Are there parts of your local area where you feel unsafe ?

You can now anonymously tell us where you feel unsafe and why using a new online form.

StreetSafe is a new nationwide online form, where you can report any areas where you feel unsafe, whether that’s somewhere in the Thames Valley or another part of the UK that you’ve visited.

You can pinpoint the area on a map, so you don’t need to know the exact address and tell us why you feel unsafe. This could be due to poor street lighting, behaviour you have experienced from a group or an individual, or something else.

Each report is sent to the local police force to review with their partner agencies. This so we can identify and improve the areas that are concerning our communities the most.

Make a report via the new StreetSafe tool at

If you’d like to receive Jeff’s regular Neighbourhood Alerts?

Thank you.


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