Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2nd June 2022

Well what a start to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Windsor… a fly past by the Red Arrows just after 1pm 😉

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

These big events only go seamlessly well by having officers who know how to stage manage a Royal town. It helps if they have the full support of their families as the hours aren’t 9-5! BIG THANK YOU to all those involved across RBWM.

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

Very appropriate this #VounteersWeek that the Rotary Club of Windsor St George were on hand to sell tickets for the Ox Roast… sounds like they did very well in deed 😉 Rather fittingly, Her Majesty the Queen provided the OX with the money raised going to The Prince Philip Trust Fund.

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

There will be many people in hospitality working very hard over the next few days to make the Platinum Jubilee celebrations that extra bit special…

Some will be working harder than others 😉

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

I love watching the extra large Royal Standard flying high.

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

Bachelor’s Acre this afternoon at 4pm. The fun started at 12pm. I do hope this weather manages to hold for the weekend.

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

Town was buzzing today with a number of people securing their seats, pic 4:30pm, for the beacon lighting in the evening at 9:30pm.

Platinum Jubilee Windsor 2622

One of my favourite pubs in Windsor, The Two Brewers, was doing a roaring trade at last!

I hope you enjoyed this small snap shot of today’s events… I would have liked to get more pics but phone ran out of juice! There’s always tomorrow 😉

Thank you.


Platinum Jubilee beacon lighting

The images of the lit Platinum Jubilee beacon and fireworks were taken by RBWM Youth Councillor Alexander Wood who you can follow on Twitter @alexw_politics

Platinum Jubilee beacon and fire works

And if you want to see a video of the fireworks click below

Brian Millin (@brian_millin) tweeted at 11:22 pm on Thu, Jun 02, 2022: Just a few turned out tonight on The Long Walk #PlatinumJubilee

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