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Windsor Yards or King Edward Court Redevelopment HAVE YOUR SAY

King Edward Court Redevelopment

The purpose of this blog was to say, if you can’t make the final proposed meeting on the King Edward Court Redevelopment on Saturday 9th July from 10am-3pm at the old Fenwicks then don’t worry, you can have your say online here >>>

But the reality is the website is pretty poor. The detail is not there and the links at the bottom haven’t been linked to real pages, just left as links to a default page and not given a second thought. I’d expect that of a 6th Former in a rush but not a professional developer trying to impress the local residents with their well thought out plan.

I had a meeting with the developers a couple of weeks back and suggested having more meetings around Windsor, definitely one in Dedworth at Woody’s Cafe as they have the space there for such a meeting. That’s if they really want the buy-in of residents.

A couple of sessions in town doesn’t consult, it pays lip service to the process. Not everyone can make it into town at the times allotted and surely this is about what Windsor residents want.

It’s important that as many Windsor residents as possible have their say on this and if the website had the detail I was able to see at the presentation given to me then I’d feel more confident that residents could comment by just reading it, but that’s not the case.

Not everyone will have been able to make the two dates in town so I will be calling on the new owners to host at least one more consultation meeting in Dedworth so that local people can have their say…

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

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