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Work Experience with Josh a Future Leader

Work experience with Josh

It was a great compliment to be asked by Josh if he could spend some time with me to find out more about what a Councillor does and I asked him to write a blog about the experience…

On Tuesday the 28th June, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of shadowing Councillor Jon Davey for the day. This was a great opportunity to not only explore what a career as a councillor may look like but also to gain a valuable insight into the inner workings of the council.

What most stuck out to me was the sheer amount of effort and time put into maintaining and improving things in the local area that most people seem to take for granted. For example, Cllr Jon Davey demonstrated the amount of work he’s done in trying to ensure bins outside the Dedworth Library were regularly emptied – something seemingly small and mundane which actually has a huge impact on those in the local area.

But there’s also the opportunity to work on more large-scale things in the borough. I was able to sit in on a call with a developer where they discussed different projects that could be funded and prioritised such as a new bus route between Windsor and Maidenhead Station. There were also talks of the new World Café initiative and opportunities for more collaboration with the Youth Council. Despite these schemes appearing to be larger and more interesting than the ‘small-scale’ activities councillors undergo, they are both equally important as both must be acted on to help residents as much as possible.

Ultimately, I was able to see the wide variety and importance of actions councillors take and the impact these actions have. Despite the workload and time it takes, Cllr Jon Davey remarked that it was certainly worth it due to the improvements you make and opportunity to be closely involved in the local community. Maybe one day I can feel the same way.

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We need more future leaders like Josh, interested in the community and looking for ways they can help. Take time to encourage these interests when you see them in young people and if I can help your young person, get in touch.

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