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Bring Back The Advantage Card for Parking in Windsor

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At July’s cabinet meeting the 2022/23 Month 2 Budget Monitoring Report showed that the car parking revenues are way down, mostly due to the season ticket holders not renewing.

My own experience of driving into the car parks is that there is always plenty of space… it wasn’t always that way. This surely has to be about bringing shoppers back to Windsor?

The 1 hr free parking offer is obviously not catching the public mood even though it is being held up as the answer at any given opportunity by the administration and their fans.

The Advantage Card scheme worked but as I recall, the administration saw circa £1m of extra parking revenue could be generated if the Advantage Card was culled and so the poorly managed introduction of new machines and the bonus excuse that there were too many Advantage Cards in circulation were used to bring it to an end.

With 3 hours parking for £1.50 for residents it worked.

What would you like to see? Click below and I’ll share the results with the powers that be and see if we can’t make change happen.

Thank you

Cllr Jon Davey

11 responses to “Bring Back The Advantage Card for Parking in Windsor”

  1. Advantage card for residents for sure! With the ring app, so we can have the pleasure to existent our visit too. We live here we already pay high prices it would be nice to have a small luxury! We are not tourist! Parking is a joke!

  2. Tennis

  3. I don’t shop in Windsor or maidenhead anymore purely because the advantage cards do not offer discount parking prices

  4. I stopped going to eat shop and take my kids to Windsor being a resident, because of the cost to park. Even swimming at the leisure centre we can’t use the advantage cards anymore, booking online is a hassle. Even to book online for the castle is a hassle. Bring the old ways back.

  5. The poor control of the Advantage Card scheme previously should not have been the reason to adopt the easier option of Ringo – where Ringo is convenient for the tourist / visitor to Windsor the way it was introduced as a fait au complete to the residents / council tax payer, just alienated the residents. Also the 1 hour free concept is not enough of an incentive to the residents – please note the above is my opinion JR

  6. Bring back the advantage card for residents!!!

  7. Derek Thompson Avatar
    Derek Thompson

    As residents we already pay towards the maintenance of council run car parks through our Council Tax. Visitors only contribute through the parking charges they pay. We residents are therefore paying twice. Reverting to the former Advantage Card discount scheme is fair.

  8. I liked the Advantage card for residents which gave free or reduced price parking for RBWM residents. I really can’t get on with Ringo, and some members of my family don’t have mobile phones anyway. I avoid shopping in Windsor now.

  9. My wife and I no longer shop in Windsor do to the car parking faffing. If the Advantage Card were to return, we along with others would return.

  10. Andrew Vallance Avatar
    Andrew Vallance

    Given the competition from Bracknell, Windsor badly needs more and better quality shops, but it will be unable to attract them unless the parking improves. Current parking is limited, user-unfriendly and expensive. An important part of part of improving this dire situation is to reintroduce the Advantage Card parking concession for RBWM residents.

  11. I don’t visit windsor anymore we can’t afford the parking. And Windsor is so disappointing it has now full of coffee shops how many do we need

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