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How would you spend £500,000 to help the Dedworth Community?

world cafe clewer and dedworth west

One of the questions we’ll be asking next week at the World Cafe event is how would you spend £500,000 to help the Dedworth Community?

The question is open to all but we are specifically looking for the thoughts of those under 30, who feel their needs can be missed… your chance to have a say… take it… don’t be moaning after that you don’t ever get asked for your thoughts.

I met with the RBWM Youth Council on Monday evening to discuss ideas and two that popped up were a space for younger people and a skate park that would be less attractive to anti-social behaviour. They are refining their thoughts and coming back to me in a couple of weeks.

I asked for ideas from the wider community at the start of July 2022.

I have had a few ideas of my own which are geared around the whole community and I’ll be sharing my latest ideas next week before launching a wider consultation in September to gather feedback on all the ideas we come up with.

The ideas would be funded from the multi-million pound CIL pot that would be available should AL21 – The Land West of Windsor, be given planning permission in the autumn.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

One response to “How would you spend £500,000 to help the Dedworth Community?”

  1. Improving active travel so people in Dedworth can access shops, stations and all services without needing a car, helping the environment, tackling climate emergency, saving money on fuel and improving health through easy exercise. Traffic free cycle routes that can also be used by those travelling in wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc, safe walkways.

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