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How are Maidenhead Residents Maxing the Parking Discount Scheme?

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Looking at the statistics for the RBWM Residents Parking Discount Scheme there appears to be learning to be had from Maidenhead residents about how to make the most of the Ringo App.

Prices per hour are pretty similar, £1.60 in Maidenhead and £1.80 in Windsor. The first hour is FREE using the Ringo App.

Currently there are 2141 Windsor residents registered to use it and around 3000 Maidenhead residents.

In July there were 1597 sessions registered in Maidenhead with an income of £540.80 and in Windsor, 976 sessions generating £1294.20.

That’s Maidenhead residents spending an average of 34p a session, while Windsor chooses to spend an average of £1.32.

Same system, very similar price per hour, so what are they doing differently? Can you answer please Maidenhead…

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  1. How do you get an hours free parking if you haven’t got a smart phone ? How many elderly people, like us, just have an ordinary mobile phone. It’s the same in Dorset road, no phone, no parking !

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