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Investing in Dedworth – Choose What You Would Like to See From This List?

AL21 Plans

If the house building plans for West Windsor (AL21) are given the nod in the autumn then this will require the builder to pay a multi-million pound sum to RBWM and a significant amount of this money will be invested in West Windsor if residents put forward the right schemes that can be invested in by those responsible for maximising the spending of CIL monies.

Below is a list of current options put forward for consideration by residents and local Cllrs. If you like one or all the ideas, please vote for each, choosing the level of importance to you… and if you have other ideas, please suggest them…

Those ideas that garner enough votes will be presented to the relevant officers for costing before the final list is agreed between the developers and RBWM. You have until 16th September 2022 to choose your favourite options.

Thank you.

New Bus route that travels quickly (ideally 30 mins max) and regularly (aiming for 2 an hour at peak times) between Windsor & Eton Riverside Railways Station and Maidenhead Railway Station.(required)

Improve the cycle link between West Windsor and Bray, especially just past Oakley Court, heading to Bray.(required)

Protect the Willows Boundary Walls with sympathetic development around them.(required)

New community facility specifically for the Youth of Windsor.(required)

Put any spare land from the development into a Community Land Trust to protect them from being sold off at auction at a later date.(required)

Improve facilities at Hanover Way, specifically the New Windsor Community Association building.(required)

More benches facilitating rest between AL21 and Windsor town centre.(required)

Improve the walking facilities in existing parks.(required)

Update the play parks for younger children.(required)

Focus more on greening Windsor and making it more natural.(required)

Work out ways to improve bike security in Windsor.(required)

Create a segregated cycle path along the Dedworth Road.(required)

Bring back more of the flower planters.(required)

Improve the state of pavements so that residents can walk without fear of tripping and breaking a limb.(required)

Cameras in the main roads and in high theft areas.(required)

Increase in number of air quality pollutants measured and create multiple measuring sites across Windsor(required)

2 responses to “Investing in Dedworth – Choose What You Would Like to See From This List?”

  1. I’ve always though Dedworth was the poorer relation to central Windsor so I’m keen to see it get the development it so deserves.

  2. Stop vehicles parking on pavements. Stop vehicles blocking bus stops.The council has spent a lot of money on raised curbs to assist people getting on and off buses. But the buses have to stop in the middle of the road as they cannot access the bus stops. Provide funding for youth workers, we have had youth centres have to close because lack of funds to pay them.

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