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Fancy Singing While You Shop This Christmas?

Fancy Singing While You Shop?

This evening, from around 7pm, The Royal Harmonics will be singing in Tesco Dedworth’s Foyer… come and join in the fun while gathering a few more bits for the big day.

the autism group

The Autism Group were in Monday sharing their work with those shoppers that showed interest.

We had Rotary in Saturday, Sea Scouts packing bags Sunday.

windsor and eton sea scouts

Tomorrow we have HealthWatch for a couple of hours from 9:30am and the Hospice are looking for volunteers and in store from 2-5pm.

Then Christmas Eve Santa will be popping in with a little tipple for parents who need a little pick me up to get to the final hurdle 😉

While you’re in, if you spread some Christmas cheer by asking our colleagues for a WOW card. The new Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey only takes 5-6 mins to complete if you opt not to answer more questions.

The WOW factor requires you to score us 9s and 10s if you’d be so kind.

All stores, not just Tesco, are measured using these type of systems and if you are a regular customer of Tesco Dedworth then you must be enjoying the experience or you’d go elsewhere.

Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey (our store number is 3404)

Thank you.


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