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Revised Parking Provision for Sawyers Close

Last night at Cabinet the Sawyers Close Stakeholder Masterplan Document was approved.

I read through it when it was published last week and concerns over parking were a red flag for me and so I arranged a meeting earlier this week with the lead officers from Abri.

There were comments in the report concerned about reduced parking and I was advised by Abri that currently there are 216 parking bays & garages and 60% of residents have a car. The new provision will facilitate parking for 362 cars.

An obvious fear for local residents, if there was a lack of parking, would be Sawyers Close residents parking on Smith’s Lane and the surrounding streets.

The parking provision would appear adequate but I will be talking to local residents about potential options that should be considered.

I also made an innovative suggestion which they will be taking to their management meeting in April… I will advise if they choose to move forward with the idea.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

Clewer & Dedworth West

One response to “Revised Parking Provision for Sawyers Close”

  1. Thank you Cllr.
    Some sense seems to be prevailing at last.
    This idea that everyone would be able to rely on cycling and walking to all ameneties is not at all practical.
    Cars will be around, (esp. electric), for probably decades before we can find other ways to live.
    To assume that only 60% of dwellings will have a car is somewhat “pie in the sky” and does not take into account those dwellings that will inevitably have 2, (or more) cars, (or indeed work vans that take up even more space).
    I have personally been involved in developments like these and they have resulted in cars and vans being parked everywhere, restricting access, ruining grassed areas etc. etc,
    Sadly, this too was following over zealous density and reduced parking and led to a cramped, crowded, unpleasant, over bearing jungle and this produced neighbourhood problems.
    I don’t know what the design guides are currently for provision of car parking but even 60% seems too low.
    The last RBWM guidance seems to have been back in June 2003 that stipulated:-
    1 bedroom units 1 space per unit, 2-3 bedroom units 2 spaces per unit, 4 or more bedroom units 2 spaces per unit, C3 Flats with communal spaces 1 space per unit.
    Less than that in my experience is asking for problems.

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