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Adding Value to the Local Community Part 4 of 7 Youth Speaks Competition

Rotary Youth Speaks Debate Jafar Hall, Eton College 2022

As a Rotarian I have run the Youth Speaks competition in our club for best part of 10 years and this last year took on responsibility for the District (some 60 clubs). One of the District teams, Didcot Girls, made it through to the National Finals, funnily enough debating if the voting age should be reduced to 12 years of age.

didcot girls rotary national finals

As part of my introduction to the Youth Speaks Competition I always talk about how being able to present your ideas is so important, probably more important than your grades, because it is through being able to share an idea that you can get support from others… 

  • This might be to win a competition
  • It could be about funding your innovative idea
  • Persuading someone to give you a job
  • Asking others to vote for you in some capacity 😉
rotary youth speaks 2023 windsor and eton rotary club

I never tire of hearing young people compete in Youth Speaks after my daughter, then at St Edward’s Middle, got a special mention from the judges for her part in one competition before I became a Rotarian.

I invited one past contender to be a judge last year and he replied from Oxford, studying law, apologising that he would be in Greece taking part in a debate about the ancient Greeks at the same time! 

Mayor Thomas Stapleton Best Speaker Youth Speaks Intermediate Winner

I love hearing about young people seizing the day and maximising their potential. It’s from such competitions as Youth Speaks that they get the confidence to try harder and fly higher next time.

Knowing by encouraging participation in the competition it will help young people grow their self confidence, that may have taken longer to achieve, gives me all the energy I need to keep hosting Youth Speaks.

Enjoy these videos…

Thank you.

Jon Davey

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