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Blokes Losing Timber Walk & Talk – Saturday 3rd June – 5 Days to go…

windsor flag flying alexander gardens

BLT’s first Walk & Talk is next Saturday, meeting up at the Alexandra Gardens band stand at 2pm and we’ll decide on which walk based on who turns up and their ability.  The other two walks in June will be around 5 miles but this one we want to be flexible so we are inclusive.

5 Day Countdown – We are the sum of all our parts…

It made sense to do a countdown, pulling out 5 aspects of why you should make the effort and come and talk to other blokes about whatever comes to mind… focusing on one each day in our videos… if any of the following resonates then join us…

  1. We are the sum of all our parts – we cleared out the garage on Saturday, uncovering some items that had been in boxes since we moved back from Devon 5 years ago! I added a few more sentimental items to my messy desk, workspace, altar… your chosen word will depend on your perspective 😉
  2. SME Business – most businesses are SMEs looking for small wins to put food on the table for their families and by coming out to meet a bunch of blokes you may find another win or someone who might open the door.
  3. Be Social – come and be who you are, not what you think others want you to be. Social media would have it that everyone is living such “purrfect” lives but most of that noise is Boris’ dead cats! Come and have a chat…
  4. Community – we all have our roles to play in the community and so by walking and talking you may find some answers you have been looking for. You’ll at least find a beer or cup of tea at the end of your walk.
  5. Responsibility to empower others – as I get older I feel more of a need to help in the community. In Rotary we have a phrase “Service Above Self” which essentially means we get far more out of helping others than helping ourselves.

Walking and talking will help us all become healthier & happier… book in… it’s FREE…

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