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Defibrillator Meeting at Tesco Dedworth

mens matters lions defib meeting

Last Friday morning I had a meeting with Mike from Windsor Lions, Tim from Men’s Matters and Andy from 4 Minutes Training Limited.

Andy has a new purse size defibrillator that I wanted Mike to know about as he leads the way with Windsor Community Defibrillator Partnership which also includes RBWM, Thames Valley Police and the local Rotary Clubs.

The Partnership has secured funding for around 20 Defibrillators around the town and are working on new locations all the time.

You can help by “just giving” here >>>

There are limitations to the smaller device but when you consider if a defibrillator is used promptly there is a significant increase in the chance of an individual’s survival…

Used within:

  • 3 mins – 70% survival rate
  • 5 mins – 50% survival rate
  • 8 mins – 20% survival rate

So if someone has a smaller device handy then it is going to increase their chances of survival while those in attendance phone the Emergency Services and they advise you of the location and codes for the nearest larger Defibrillator.

I also learned that using your hands to push down on someone’s chest is not about getting their heart started… you are essentially substituting the heart and helping pump the blood round the body! Did you know that?

You can contact Andy about the smaller defib here >>>

Thank you.

Jon Davey

Community Champion

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