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King George VI Day Centre NEEDS YOU

I went to visit the King George VI Day Centre today after getting a call from Heather, one of the trustees.

I phoned up before I left to see how many there would be attending today and decided I’d take a nice Tesco chocolate Trillionaire cake, just the job with a dash of single cream 😉 It happened to be the birthday of one of their regulars… perfect after chicken & chips and a healthy side salad.

The Centre gets between 10 & 25 attending Monday – Thursday. It costs just under £11 per session and £4 each way if you want to have transport provided to and from the centre so less than £20 per day! to attend. The members those I got chatting to love it and can’t stay away. More about membership >>>

The trustees are working with a local company to create a sensory garden out back, so I’ll be joining the dots with The Green Room to see if the students can also help. The trustees are looking into getting their stage back in working order but there is always something that needs attention, so if you are cash rich and time poor, a donation would be great.

If on the other hand you have time on your hands, they are in urgent need of mini bus drivers. They would also like to have a range of volunteers they can call on with different skills. You might be a bit of an entertainer or have craft skills you’d like to share. On the other hand, you might prefer to help out in the kitchen or simply be happy to let someone tell you a story who has been alone too long and just needs to talk to a fellow human.

Whatever your skills, if you are ready, willing and able to offer a helping hand, simply phone 01753 853654 or email

Find out more here >>>

Thank you.

Jon Davey

Tesco Dedworth Community Champion

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