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The Community Fridge is for EVERYONE, do spread the word…

windsor community fridge mayor visit aug 2023

It is very important that all residents know about Windsor’s Community Fridge.

windsor community fridge mayor visit aug 2023

Many people resist visiting in the belief that they are taking food away from someone who needs it more… our focus is on minimising food waste, not on who chooses to rescue it.

Food Banks are there for those who are struggling financially and those in need will be pointed towards them.

The fridge is for EVERYONE and is located at 181 Oxford Road, Windsor. SL4 5DX

community fridge oxford road

Please come down and visit and see what we do and how we operate so you can tell your neighbours all about it.

The modern world of social media hits many but tends to miss those over 60 who prefer to engage with real people in real time… please tell them about the Community Fridge… tell them even the Mayor pops in from time to time don’t ya know 😉

windsor community fridge mayor visit aug 2023

Best way for you to find out more is to visit us and see it for yourself. Then you’ll be fully informed and able to tell others.

Thank you.


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