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The Rule of 21 in Marketing

Rule 21 in Marketing

There are lots of rules in marketing. Mostly made up by a marketing consultant who wanted to grab someone’s attention 😉

Do you know that 74.3% of all statistics are made up on the fly, or was it 34.7 😉

In telling a story you need to make it engaging and so using good headlines is all part of the 333 rule. 3 seconds to get their attention, 30 seconds to engage and then 3 minutes to read your masterpiece.

Point of this post was around the fact that a couple of months ago I started a project to ensure we have a local charity, school or community group making use of Tesco Dedworth’s foyer every day during December… or at least the build up to the big day.

24 days takes some filling but I’m glad to say I’m nearly done… it has taken time and I have had to push out a few times to fill the diary…

I have just 4 dates left… 5th, 7th, 14th, 21st… three Thursdays, wonder why that is?

Anyway if you’d like to be involved and make use of the foyer then please contact me ASAP to avoid disappointment 

Jon Davey, Community Champion on , 07717 820823 or drop a note in at Customer Services.

The rule of 21 goes something like this… 

You need to send a communication via post 21 times to build confidence in your ability to do whatever it is you say you can.

The first flyer goes in the bin without being read, the 2nd gets to the table but then goes in the bin without being read, the third is read… your recipient needs to read that message 7x to feel confident about you.

Not sure why it’s 7 but that’s how it was told to me… 7 x 3 = 21

So you have to keep on keeping on and one day someone will ask, “I got your message a few times… vaguely recall it being a little interesting… what was it about again? “

That’s your Q 😉

Thank you.


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