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Tonight’s the Night if you play your cards right…

election 2015 the tour bus

election 2015 the tour bus

Added this to my motor for the photo shoot only… there are rules you know 😉

Good afternoon ladies & gents… I’ll be leaving home in 20 mins for tonight’s local election count!


After a day spent mostly at the Spencer Denney Centre at top of my street, I went home for a kip between 6:00pm and 10:30pm before going over to Maidenhead for the General Election count. It was an interesting day, learning about the process and I’ll be applying it tonight to see if I can forecast the outcome of the Park Ward election…

election 15 command centre

Here are a few snap shots of the day, I’ll add more words about my Twitter campaign over the weekend once we know the scores on the doors miss ford.

Thank you.


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