Final Score: Windsor Tories 54 v Independents 3

windsor elections announced

It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up.
George A. Custer, U.S. Military

carole da costa and wisdom da costa

I’ve loved being part of the Windsor Council elections 2015. I knew from the outset that I had no chance of landing a seat but wanted to give it a go… it was a shame that Carole & Wisdom Da Costa lost there seats after a real effort by the Tories to take Clewer North…

And as one door closes, reflecting on what my intent was all along… one based on a feeling of frustration at the lack of any apparent controls on the current Tory council… and now with even fewer independent people at the coal face to try and keep the incumbents on track another course of action is required…

My strengths for communication, sense of fair play, ability asking questions, dogged determination, building networks and joining the dots leaves me with only one option… to become the self proclaimed “Head Boy” for Windsor 😉

Ladies & gents may I introduce the all new I Love Windsor blog which will enable me to do my bit for Windsor by ensuring the 54 Tory Councillors in our class of 2015 play nicely with the 3 independents and in turn do their best for Windsor residents.

You can email or tweet me information about issue and or commitments that have been made by your Tory Councillor and we can help you make sure it happens without the restriction of council office. In this way I can ensure fair play, which was my original goal… hurrah…

Being a Rotarian, we sign up to the mantra “Service above Self” which true Rotarians live up to around the world. As with any organisation, it attracts those that just want the title Rotarian without the giving of self and are more about the taking of all the pies for themselves. They are known and swerved by other members.

I would see it as part of my remit to “out” those councillors who are self serving so their electorate can determine if they want them in next time around… with no organisational restrictions on me I can happily post the truth of what we know and allow councillors the opportunity to have their say… now that sounds like cricket to me 😉

How’s that sound to you?

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