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Fine FISHCRAFT mixed with Beercraft in Eton High Street

fishcraft eton high street

Yesterday, just before meeting with fellow Rotarians to sell duck tickets and just after my Slimmer’s World weekly weigh in where I’d lost 4.5 lbs, I went and visited FISHCRAFT on Eton High Street.

I’d been invited by their PR people to sample some of FISHCRAFT’S finest fish and chips and maybe a glass of beer from their beer wall… figured it would be rude not to 😉

Swans feeding in Windsor 2015

I cycled in to prepare the appetite, over Eton Bridge with the swans feeding on one side and folk racing their boats on the other…

eton windsor bridge boats racing

Just a few hundred yards the other side I was pleased to see a family enjoying lunch in the open air… the double doors opening up directly onto Eton High Street. I parked the bike, securing it to a lamppost (which a dog may have used during my visit!).

fishcraft warm welcome

A warm greeting by reception and please take a seat while I find Tarek, something to drink? Water please… my body is my temple…

fishcraft glass of water

I’m gunna have some fish & chips… yeeeaaahhh… after a week of salads to take me over the 3 stone since Christmas barrier… smashed it… I deserve a treat… yes you do!

fishcraft beer wall help yourself to beer

So what’s this beer wall all about Tarek? When we were a Moroccan restaurant, the belly dancers brought people in at the weekends but the weeks were quiet, it was a fun place but I told the family we needed to change, we need to get people coming back every other week for more, not just at weekends.

fishcraft beers on offer

I’d seen the beer wall and knew there were none locally… bringing in beers that are not found everywhere, we’ll change them regularly to keep it interesting.

fishcraft beer wall credit card

You get a FISHCRAFT credit card which you charge up at the bar and then you can drink what you want that evening, sharing with your friends… but then if you go home and your kids “borrow” your card they can’t use it because you need to re-activate your card on each visit… this allows us to make sure no under 18’s are drinking but also is a great security measure because if you lose your card, no problem, we have your details on record and can just give you a new one… an opportunist finding your card on the street can’t just drink all your beer 😉

fishcraft aged steak and craft beer

That’s great, what about the food… loads to choose from, not just fish and chips but lots of other sea food plus vegetarian options and meat… our steak is hung for 40 days… best try some of that Tariq… medium-rare if you please… just half a steak though, need to keep on track with the diet and it is lunch time…

fishcraft kiddies fish and chips

Oh go on then, I “batter” try some of your fish and chips while I’m here… kiddies portion mind… body-temple and all that… bloody lovely grub… that steak 😉 and very little batter on the fish so not too many sins to count me out.

fishcraft garden

Let’s have a look around… courtyard out the back…

fishcraft private dining

Some “private” seating…

fishcraft open space

A well thought out space… love the beer area has plenty of floor space to have more of a pub feel about it… you’d best go try it for yourselves…

Rotary Duck Race ticket sales Windsor King Edward Court Donald Duck

And if you’re in Windsor for the next few Saturdays, do buy a duck ticket from Donald and his chums for just £2 outside Waitrose… if your duck wins that’ll be £500 to spend as you like, possibly a party down at FISHCRAFT?

Margaret Tagg King Edward Court

A BIG THANK YOU to Margaret from King Edward Court who allows us Rotarians to hang out this time of year…

And when you buy a ticket you’re helping pay for those brand new Christmas lights that really brought Windsor alive this year… it’s taken 4-5 years to save up but hey, job done…


Now all we need is a new fairy for the top of the tree 😉

Suggestions on a post card please!

Thank you.


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