What can Slimming World do for you fatty?

First job in losing weight is admitting to yourself that you are heavier than you really should be aka fat and the responsibility to do something about it lies with YOU.

Then what you need is a supportive environment of similar minded people who also need and are willing to give support to fellow fatties.

fruit salad slimmers world

Once you have that then you can start moving forward…

My wife loves me but she hated that I was heavier than I needed to be, I was a skinny minny when we met 20 years ago and at Christmas 2014 I weighed in at 20 stones and 1 pound! She doesn’t have the urge to eat more than she physically needs to… her brain operates in a different space. I needed something to flick a switch in my head…

dad me ali max

My dad likes his grub like me and had been a member of his local Slimming World for 3-4 years and he lost 72 pounds in his 72nd year and hadn’t been forced to run marathons!

I have a physical imbalance which means if I workout then my right side gets stronger and it throws my back out… so when Kelly, our group leader, said that we could lose weight without having to exercise my ears pricked up and I started to listen… there was hope, I should give it a go… especially when they tell you the more you eat, the more you lose 😉

chips and salad

If you’re going to have some evil but yummy chip shop chips then you need something good to balance it 😉 Salad and yoghurt work for me!

Eight months on I’ve lost very nearly 3.5 stone and feel so much better than I did back then… this is not just about a few pounds, it’s about a whole attitude to life as others will also testify too…

On Saturday Helen Prince was awarded Woman of the Year, taking off over 4 stone since Christmas! How chuffed is she?

helen slimmers world windsor champ

Her husband Ian has joined her on the programme and he’s lost over 3.5 stone and they simply buzz into class 😉

Here are a few words from some of Kelly’s Class of 2015…

Helen Prince: Happy Confident Clothes Shopaholic

Christine Brennan: Energy, confidence, me again before weight gain

Ian Prince: Absolutely loving life

Beverly Strong: Healthier, slimmer, happier 🙂

Julie Irvine: Happy healthier and more energy

Lorna Rees: Motivated, slimmer, positive

Madelaine Schneider: motivated enjoying life

Deborah Ivy Sappal: Happier confident healthier

Louise Ranson: Motivated, confident, believe!

Janice Ellyatt: Healthier, energetic, loving life

Vicki Maris: Energetic, healthier, confident

Hayley Harris: Inspired, motivated and among friends

Helen Murray: Healthier than ever!

Sharon Dawes: Inspired, motivated and welcomed xxx

Perhaps you should give it a go >>>

Thank you.


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