Sharing the love over Sunday dinner

At the weekend we had friends over we’d not seen for a while, it was great to catch up and share stories.

Unfortunately for them, being 45 minutes late, I’d already started on the Rose so my chatter box was already in full swing 😉

We started with some nibbles while the carrots burned! In those nibbles I added a pot of coconut oil to be spread on the bread instead of butter… it’s amazing what coconut can do for you… have a read… or listen up…

They’ll be virtually popping down to Ancient Purity sometime soon to buy some essentials 😉

Over dinner we talked of many things, one of which was the power of words. Our friend is a nursing sister and is sure that babies are very influenced by the words used around them from the cradle… I asked if she’d heard of Dr Masaru Emoto and shared this video on Ali’s ipad… mine taking a swim the other week has not recovered!

So I guess the answer is to be nice to each other while using lashings of coconut oil 😉

Thank you.


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