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Happy Birthday Your Majesty #Queenat90

dedworth green first school irish guards band #queenat90

Dedworth First School, greeted Her Majesty today at Alexandra Gardens, Windsor part of #Queenat90 Tour… shout out for my mate Alfie and his sister Amie for singing so loud!

alexandra gardens bandstand plaque #queenat90

She’d come to unveil a plaque and open the all new singing and dancing Bandstand.

crowds in alexandra gardens #queenat90

It was (is) a beautiful day in Windsor and Her Majesty looked mighty fine all in bright pink with the duke sporting a blue number… I dare say Royal Blue 😉

I caught up with her at Windsor’s Post Office to celebrate 500 years in the stamping business. Such a shame that naughty George sold it to his best man at a knock down price. Anyway, less of that political jibbing on Ma’am’s birthday!

#queenat90 crowds at windsor post office

The crowds were out in force, mostly down at Alexandra Gardens but a few hundred had stopped off to get their pensions and a few stamps.

peter st george charles #queenat90 preparing for georges day

Peter “St George” Charles was on hand, he driven in on his scooter to wave in preparation for spending a day outside Windsor Castle on St George’s Day at the weekend… find out more at

wallace and gromit dress for the #queenat90

Woofers Wallace and Gromit were dressed to impress Her Majesty in their union jack tops… hurrah, wuff, wuff 😉

#queenat90 irish guards on bandstand

The Irish Guards were doing their thing and the crowds gathered around as they warmed us up… sounds not great on my Sony phone from that distance so got up close after the Queen had gone home for lunch.

She arrived and walked down to the royal tent.

I bet she’d have loved a paddle had the Duke not been so fussy about having lunch at 1 o’clock bang on!

I cycled round and got some footage of the band playing… then a copper said why don’t you go in and get them from the front… why didn’t I think of that!

Just caught the last minute or so of the last song in their set for the day… perfect timing.

I made sure I didn’t just enjoy this view via the camera lens, I used my real eyes.

ice cream by the thames in windsor #queenat90

Well after all that hard work, pomp and ceremony, there is only one thing to do… have a jolly nice ice cream by the river 😉

Great first day and who knows, I may get another pass out tomorrow to get some more footage if I’m a lucky boy!

Thank you.


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